ANNUAL MEETING 2020: “The Way Back to Health and Work”

Last week, the Chamber held its Annual Meeting to update investors, community leaders, and business advocacy partners alike on its accomplishments and goals. The event also featured not one, but three speakers with expertise on a timely topic: COVID-19.

Chamber Board Chair Kyle Beasley and President and CEO Terri Cole were joined by Neil Bradley of the US Chamber of Commerce (top right), Carl Garner of Eli Lilly and Company (bottom right), and Mike Ybarra of PhRMA (bottom left).

The insightful panel discussion was moderated by Chamber board member Dale Maxwell, who stepped away from his busy role as President and CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services to ask the panelists about exciting developments in cutting-edge therapeutics, vaccine development and distribution, and the likelihood of a new federal coronavirus relief package for businesses. The panelists agreed that the medical community has learned a great deal about the coronavirus and become much better at treating patients, but they urged vigilance in continuing COVID-safe practices of social distancing and mask-wearing. The distribution of vaccines will take time, and in the meantime, a nationwide spike in COVID cases is tapping the resources and over-extending the staff of hospitals across the country. 

The panelists expressed disappointment at the large share of Americans who, in public opinion surveys, indicate that they do not plan to take the COVID vaccine once it’s available, stressing that the vaccines are safe and that re-opening our economy, returning to normal life, and limiting hospitalizations and deaths is dependent upon people taking the vaccine. Our Chamber will work in partnership with our healthcare organizations and government agencies to promote the widespread vaccination of New Mexicans against COVID-19.  

If you weren’t able to tune in live, you can watch a recording the event at our YouTube channel here.

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