Our Mission

We live in a tremendous place – rich in culture, adventure, and natural beauty and home to talented and generous people. At the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to build upon these assets and promote a more dynamic, faster-growing economy and improve the opportunities and quality of life afforded to Albuquerque residents and their families.

Our Mission

We work with government, business, and community partners to promote and develop a welcoming business environment and thriving, diverse economy in New Mexico. Our goal is to make our city and state a great place to start and grow a business and a safe, exciting place to work and raise a family.

We are collaborative, community-minded problem-solvers and business advocates.

A Greater Albuquerque.

No longer just a description of the geographic area represented by the Chamber, the term “Greater Albuquerque” captures the purpose of our organization – to support our businesses, grow our economy, and advocate for policies that make our state more welcoming for private investment and job creation.

We provide benefits to our investors and advocate on their behalf.

The Chamber is here to serve Albuquerque businesses – to advocate on their behalf at every level of government and help them make meaningful connections to government agencies, other companies, and important resources, such as business information, meeting spaces, and leadership development. One way the Chamber aims to improve our quality of life and economy is to work hard to overcome serious barriers to growth, like high crime. To that end, we have developed three areas of focus for our advocacy efforts: the transformation of Downtown Albuquerque, the reduction of crime and improvement of our criminal justice system, and education reform that results in higher-performing students and schools.

Won’t you join us?

The Chamber is proud of the resources we provide to our investors to help them grow their companies, and we are equally proud of our role as advocates for safer neighborhoods, higher-performing schools, a vibrant downtown, and more well-trained and well-prepared workers.


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