Public Safety

Advocate for and help implement local and state-level policies and practices that will result in a reduction in crime in Bernalillo County and a tough, strategic, fair, and sophisticated criminal justice system.

Our Core Beliefs:

Chamber President and CEO Terri Cole speaks at a press conference alongside local and state law enforcement and justice system leaders as the Chamber unveils its first-of-its-kind case-building technology called Case Catcher.

The Chamber’s Public Safety Policy Planks:

  1. Increase the number of police officers and prosecutors in Albuquerque and improve community-based crime-fighting
  2. Ensure Albuquerque has a well-trained, professional police department; support APD in satisfying the DOJ settlement agreement
  3. Improve the use of data, analytics, and technology to make policing and prosecution more strategic and intelligence-driven
  4. Reform criminal justice practices: improve the efficiency of case processing, better address behavioral health challenges, and ensure criminals face swift/certain punishment

Progress and Initiatives

  • Support federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutors in identifying offenders with warrants who are driving violent crime and drug trafficking – and get them held in jail and off the streets.
  • Support legislation increasing penalties for the trafficking of fentanyl, as well as efforts to stop the flow of fentanyl across New Mexico’s southern border.
  • Analyze and publish data describing the impact of pre-trial release and the “revolving door” justice system on public safety.
  • Push for statutory changes, including the creation of a rebuttable presumption of detention for repeat offenders and those arrested for serious/violent crimes.
  • Push for a swift resolution to the DOJ’s settlement agreement with APD, with a clear exit timeline.
  • Support efforts to recruit more police officers to ABQ, oppose policies that would hinder recruitment.
  • Help secure capital funding for more police technology and equipment, support local efforts to tie private security cameras to the Real Time Crime Center – especially in Downtown.
  • Support efforts to improve the investigation and handling of child abuse incidents and the prioritization – in policy and practice – of the safety of a child above all else when placement determinations are made.

“THERE ARE SOLUTIONS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACE”: Press Conference and Summit Focus on Violent Crime and Finding Solutions

On Tuesday, Attorney General Raúl Torrez held a press conference to talk about violent crime, gun violence and policy solutions that could make a difference. ...
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“WE’RE GOING TO TAKE IT HEAD-ON”: Bernalillo County DA Announces New Approach to Shoplifting

At a press event yesterday, Bernalillo County District Attorney announced a new focus on shoplifting and organized retail crime, along with new tools and strategies ...
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COURT RULING: GPS Ankle Monitor Data is Public Record

In January of this year, District Attorney Raûl Torrez sued the 2nd Judicial District Court’s public records custodian to access GPS ankle monitoring data. On ...
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PRE-TRIAL RELEASE: Latest Data Shows Too Many Crimes Committed Under Court Supervision

Last week, the Administrative Office of the Courts presented the latest pre-trial release data to the state Legislative Finance Committee. The study identified 3,595 cases ...
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CLOSE CALL: Inmate Cuts Off Ankle Monitor, Shows Glaring System Weaknesses

If you followed the local news last week, you probably saw the KRQE story about the Albuquerque murder suspect, Trey Bausby, who cut off his ankle monitor ...
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“A WEDGE IN THE REVOLVING DOOR”: Governor Pledges Support for an Important Pre-Trial Detention Change

Last week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham addressed the state’s persistent violent crime problem and said creating a rebuttable presumption of detention for certain crimes could ...
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“PASSIVE MONITORING”: KOB Reporting Shows No Evening, Weekend Supervision of Defendants out on Pre-trial Release

In an alarming story that aired on KOB-TV just days ago, KOB reporter Chris Ramirez found that the 2nd Judicial District Court’s Pretrial Services Division ...
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Rape Suspect Accused of Another Sexual Assault while on Ankle Monitor

In our last edition of News and Views, we highlighted a local news story about a man who fatally shot another man while on bail. ...
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ABQ JOURNAL REPORTS: Suspect on Pretrial Release Shoots Man at His Home

Devin Munford was arrested on armed robbery charges of a 7-Eleven store on Sunday. Just days later, he was also charged with the deadly shooting ...
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GATEWAY CENTER MOVES FORWARD: City Makes $15M Purchase of Gibson Medical Center

Last week, the City of Albuquerque announced the finalization of the $15 million purchase of the Gibson Medical Center. The 572,000-square-foot facility will ultimately become ...
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Learn more about the Public Safety Initiatives

We invite you to learn more about the public safety initiatives of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and encourage you to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.


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