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Critical Information for Local Business Leaders

When major news breaks that affects the business community or a significant action is taken by the Legislature, City Council, or other public body, the Chamber sends alerts to its investors to ensure they are well-informed. Additionally, prior to key votes or decisions on public policy matters that might impact economic growth in our city and state, the Chamber sends “call-to-action” emails that urge businesses to make contact with particular elected officials.
The Chamber publishes a regular newsletter to inform our investors on the latest developments surrounding important policy issues, as well as report on activity at the Chamber’s signature events and Board meetings.
Every other week, the Chamber distributes an e-newsletter – billed as a “one-minute read” – that provides information about upcoming Chamber events, program deadlines, new investors, investor anniversaries, and major announcements from Chamber companies.
The Chamber’s Leadership Circle investors have access to a short, daily round-up of news articles and opinion pieces that relate to topics of interest to Albuquerque’s business community.

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